The Land of Zeus and the Olympians

The first time I heard about Greece was during a history class back in elementary school. We were discussing what one would expect to be discussed about ancient Greek civilization: the history, the politics, the culture, the geography, etc. Of everything discussed, what captivated my attention the most was the mythology that came from the Greeks. I started reading all the stories about the gods that lived on Mount Olympus and of the heroes that were born and lived in Greece. At some point between reading about Hercules’s 12 labors and Odysseus’s long trip home, I vowed to one day visit the land that was home to all of these captivating stories.

Now more than a decade after I was enchanted by Greece’s mythology, thanks to this Global Seminar, I was finally able to travel to Zeus’s domain. And what a domain it is! No matter where I went there were beautiful landscapes to be seen. Imposing mountains, never ending seas, and gloriously blue skies were basically always present. Make the effort to walk up (or cab up) to the highest points in the cities and you are rewarded with beautiful panoramic views. Hike through Mount Olympus and you will understand why the ancient Greeks believed that the gods resided there. All the beaches aside from having clear blue waters also had magnificent views of the surrounding mountains adding to the wow factor. Greece, simply put, is breathtaking and awe inspiring and although I took pictures and videos, there is no replacement for being there and seeing it all with your own eyes.

(Click on pictures for better view)

Thessaloniki from the Wall


Thessaloniki from a Monastery


Thessaloniki from a Boat


Agia Triada Beach

Vineyard near Vergina




Waterfall in Mount Olympus

Apollo saying hi on our way to Corfu


Athens from Lycabettus Hill

Parthenon on top of the Acropolis

As breathtaking and awe-inspiring as Greece is on its own, it wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t shared it with the 14 others in the Global Seminar. I went in not knowing anyone and not knowing what to expect, but coming out, I am happy that I am able to call them all my friends. Whenever I think of Greece, not only will I think of its mythology and landscape, but I will also fondly think of all the laughs, experiences, and memories that we shared in such an amazing place. If any of you are reading this I would just like to say ευχαριστώ! and see you in the fall!


The Θεσσαλονίκη Crew