2017 GS: Windhoek, Namibia

7/11 Rock Engravings

Professor Kreike and Grace hiking Maps of the water holes in rock engraving

7/13 Skeleton Coast: Nothing to Everything

Today we are exploring the skeleton coast of Namibia. Life seemed impossible to the colonists when they first arrived at Cape Cross. From the sand to the water, animals and people negotiate with the vast landscape to survive – a prime example of environmental infrastructure. Seals at Cape Cross Deserted land next to water Portrait […]

7/5-7/6 Visiting Queen of Oukwanyama and King Taapopi

“It’s living history,” said Professor Kreike. We started traveling around Namibia this week, and on the past few days, we had a chance to meet Ohamba Mwadinomho, the queen of Oukwanyama, and King Taapopi at their homestead. I’m a rising junior pursuing a certificate in visual art, and this trip has provided numerous opportunities for me […]

7/3: Cheetahs

July 3rd marks the first day of our trip to northern Namibia. Our first stop is the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Because of the wifi limitation, I’ve compressed the photos into smaller size files. We also went inside the fence and watched the cheetah running the next day, but I didn’t bring my camera. The organization […]

Windhoek, Namibia

I’m not a writer. Global Seminar at Namibia has been a wonderful time. Windhoek is colorful and vibrant.

Windhoek, Namibia

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