A ride on the Riesenrad

Yesterday, I used my last Saturday afternoon in Vienna to experience the Riesenrad, Vienna’s iconic Ferris wheel. Built in 1897, the Riesenrad is a historic Viennese landmark and continues to offer a remarkable view of the city today.

the Riesenrad from below     cabin

After buying a ticket for €8.50 and waiting in line for awhile, I entered one of the (slightly creaky) wooden cabins with around ten other people.

The afternoon sun poured in through the glass, and the open windows let in a lovely breeze. Because the Riesenrad is a part of the Prater amusement park, which offers many other attractions, I could hear screams and laughter floating up from the several roller coasters underneath me.

roller coasters     3

The ride, one trip up and back down again, took about twenty minutes. The wheel moved slowly, leaving plenty of time for me to appreciate the view and take pictures. I enjoyed picking out various Viennese landmarks from above, such as the Rathaus, the Votivkirche, and Stephansdom, which is in the picture above.  I was also able to see parts of the city that were less familiar to me, as in this scene:


As I enter my last week here in Vienna, I’m very glad that I was able to take this opportunity to see the city from a new perspective.