America’s War in Vietnam

Week 4 (belated): In which we struggle over the first assignment…

…which takes an approximate 48 hours to compose and another 5 hours to edit and footnote. Here is my copy, and here goes nothing: *** Professor Atul Kohli GLS 28/06/2016 Assignment 1: A Realist Understanding of the Reasons for US Intervention in Vietnam The situation in Viet Nam poses serious moral problems which are not merely […]

An Incoherent Reflection on POL438: America’s War in Vietnam

Chào các bạn! Today was our last official “class” of the seminar, and at the very end, our professor (the #1 hero Atul Kohli) had us share our thoughts on the seminar: what we learned, what the best experiences were, what the worst experiences were, etc. What resulted was perhaps the best bonding moment of […]

Week 3: In which we take a trip down South…

… and I take over Princeton’s Instagram account for the journey to Saigon where we: eat learn explore the vibrant night life forge valuable bonds of friendship stare at pictures of Uncle Ho shop strike a pose and most importantly: open our eyes, listen and remember. I pray for those who are long gone, who […]

Week 2: In which we meet Melanie Ho…

… a rising junior at Princeton University, aspiring director and American born Vietnamese, looking to understand the American War in Vietnam.   —> “I like dogs.”  <— Tạm Biệt! Vanessa x (P.S. Click on the link above!)

Week 1: In which we discover the delights of Hanoi’s street food…

… and the true value of the VND A basic ode to street food: I profess my professor said to not Eat ice, or fruit, or anything not hot But with price so low and a wallet thin How could I resist a lime with Phố Tình?  *** With pointed gestures and smiles I try To communicate […]

A Religious Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Walking down Hanoi’s Lý Quốc Sư Street of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, I, the inquisitive tourist, came across, in close proximity, two Vietnamese landmarks of seeming peaceful but curious coexistence. At the head of the street stands the grand St. Joseph’s Cathedral with a rusted metal statue of the Queen of Peace (Regina Pacis) outside. The […]

Chao, Hanoi!

Chao, everybody, and welcome to my first blog post for Princeton’s Global Seminar in Hanoi! My name is Vanessa and I’m a sophomore (excuse me, a rising junior) at Princeton University. This is somewhat belated, since I’ve already been in Hanoi for exactly a week and a day now, but for my part, I’m going to […]

Vietnam feels

FROM THOUGHT   TO TWEET   TO BLOG? (p.s. this is my uncle’s dog – currently residing in Huế)

Hanoi, Vietnam

Blog Hanoi!