Culture and Counterculture in Ancient Athens

Hospital Experience

Nothing gave me a greater experience of Greek culture than going to the hospital. My roommate James and I went to the beautiful Sounio to revisit the Temple of Poseidon and of course spend a day at the beach. Rather than tarry where all the other beachgoers lounged, we explored the rocky areas, found unrestored pieces of temple, […]

Καλώς ήρθες

Athens is a city of extremes. Vital pieces of ancient Greek history—the centric site of the Acropolis, exhibits of ancient artifacts along metro platforms, or the hill of the Areopagus—exist boldly alongside Athens’ fast-paced modernity. The modern city is a sea of white apartment buildings with lush plants spilling off of balconies and small tavernas, […]

Sights and Tastes of Greece

Hello, Everyone! It’s officially been three weeks since I left the U.S. and arrived in Athens, Greece for my Global Seminar, and I’ve been enjoying every moment. We’ve had a lot of opportunity to explore the city (as well as a few other areas in Greece) and experience what Greece has to offer. Some things […]

Athens, Greece

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