“Vienna: Birthplace of Psychoanalysis, Modernism, and World War I”

Vienna’s Palmenhaus

Perhaps my favorite part of Vienna is its café culture; home to some of the best coffee and cakes you will find in Europe, they are more than just a place to grab a snack or your caffeine boost. In the past, they’re where intellectuals such as Freud, and major politicians met to work and […]

MuseumsQuartier Wien: Vienna’s Vibrant Cultural Center

On any given afternoon, the courtyards of the MuseumsQuartier Wien are bound to be bustling with tourists and local Viennese alike. Originally serving as an imperial stable complex in the early 18th century, the space was converted into one of the world’s largest art and culture complexes. Opening its doors in 2001, the MuseumsQuartier offers […]

A Concluding Sunrise

As I watch the sun slowly begin to light the sky on this, my final, morning in Vienna, I find myself slipping into a space of reflection. I am packing away the last few things that I don’t plan on leaving behind in the hotel room, and every glance I make towards the window shows […]

Cafe Central: Vienna’s Meeting Place

I travelled to Café Central on four separate occasions, staggering them throughout the week and at different times during the day to grasp the most accurate account of the establishment’s feel as possible. A newspaper rack holds various Austrian, European and global dailies, but the papers are barely touched. An Asian couple sits next to […]

Violating expectations

I came to Vienna, admittedly, without thought. Emerged from the darkness of feverish Reunions, blinded, emerged from the Währinger Straße station, a stiff 100 degrees. It took Mariam and I at least 40 minutes to get from the U-Bahn to the hotel. Crossing and recrossing the street. 43 44 D? What’s a tram anyway? Not […]

A ride on the Riesenrad

Yesterday, I used my last Saturday afternoon in Vienna to experience the Riesenrad, Vienna’s iconic Ferris wheel. Built in 1897, the Riesenrad is a historic Viennese landmark and continues to offer a remarkable view of the city today.      After buying a ticket for €8.50 and waiting in line for awhile, I entered one of […]

Mozart in Vienna

During the 11 years that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived in Wien, Österreich, he changed addresses 13 times; the most time he spent at one residency was two and half years in his apartment on Domgasse 5, which was previously known as Schulerstraße 8. The apartment originally belonged to court stuccoist Alberto Camesina in 1719 and […]

Research in Vienna

For the global seminar in Vienna, our independent work focuses on a space or building that each student gets to choose in Vienna that correlates to the readings done in class. Part of the course deals with anti-semitism in Vienna in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; Freud was hampered in his professional pursuits by […]

Eine Kleine Weisheit in Wien

     At Augarten, a Hapsburg-hunting-lodge-turned-public-park, there looms a flakturm, an anti-aircraft bunker built during the Nazi regime. Most of the people at Augarten describe it as a bleak and unwanted reminder of darker times. But when I asked an older gentleman, he responded, “Well, they would come in their planes and bomb us. We […]

Visit to Salzburg

On Saturday, the 20th of June, 12 students from the Vienna global seminar visited Salzburg. The students who went on the trip were Jon, Nick, Hadley, Oscar, Christina, Paige, Sumer, Laraib, Mariam, Rachel, Shruti and Allison. Having only seen Vienna, we were excited to visit Salzburg and experience another side of Austrian culture. We took […]