“Thessaloniki: 2,000 Years of a City in History”

The Land of Zeus and the Olympians

The first time I heard about Greece was during a history class back in elementary school. We were discussing what one would expect to be discussed about ancient Greek civilization: the history, the politics, the culture, the geography, etc. Of everything discussed, what captivated my attention the most was the mythology that came from the […]

Everything’s on Sale but the Mannequins are Terrifying

As mentioned in a blog post below by Mark, we are in Thessaloniki during a particularly interesting time. What struck me the most about it, beyond the ridiculous lines at the ATMs that only dispense fifties, (which are perhaps the most inconvenient denomination of currency), was that for all the news stories coming from the […]

Maybe It’s Knowledge Entering Life

(Press play to experience “knowledge entering life”) Coffee and Princeton are like East and Pyne. Like orange and black. Like Woodrow and Wilson. It’s ingrained in our daily routines: one cup before a 9am lecture, an afternoon Witherspoon’s pick me up, a midnight study-inducer, the infamous, “Let’s grab coffee sometime!” I didn’t think I would ever visit a place where coffee […]

Another Greece

Our seminar’s weekend excursions have taken us to centuries-old monasteries, to Mount Olympus, and to the gold and sapphire of Corfu’s beaches.  But perhaps the most unique experience I’ve had was our overnight stop in the rather unassuming city of Komotini en route to Edirne, Turkey. During our all-day bus commute from Thessaloniki to Komotini, […]

The Unofficial Tour Guides of Thessaloniki

The salt breeze washes over my classmates and me, as we commute to our first week of classes. We know little of our host city, and we certainly do not expect to find a companion snoozing by the waterfront. A mass of caramel brown hair unfolds itself from around a lamppost and weaves among us. […]


“So, have you ever been to Greece before?” “Actually, I was born here.” Wait, what? When I arrived in Thessaloniki, all I knew about my roommate Hana was that she was a rising junior who danced with PUB. After about thirty minutes of exploring the waterfront on our first night in Greece, I knew that […]

Living History

    We came to this city to study history. We will leave having witnessed it.   Over the past month, we have grown intimately acquainted with Thessaloniki. The city has been a pivotal crossroads under various empires for the last 2,000 years, and while we have spent a large portion of our time learning its history, it seems as though we […]

Visit to Edirne!

From July 4th to July 5th, the Thessaloniki Global Seminar visited Edirne, Turkey for a weekend excursion. The idea of the excursion from an academic point of view was to get an idea of Ottoman past in a city under Turkish rule and contrast mosques serving as monuments or exhibits in Thessaloniki and as functioning […]

Maia and Jared Enjoy the Boat Trip to Mt. Athos, which is the global center of the Christian Orthodox religion.

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