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  1. I always find that the most interesting thing about a country isn’t its large skyscrapers or its natural wonders; neither of which Japan lacks.
    What makes a trip worthwhile (in my opinion) is finding and marveling at the small differences in everyday life.

    Here are some of my observations, which may or may not only apply to Kyoto.

    It’s pretty easy to buy alcohol underage as a foreigner (Not that I would know).
    There are no trashcans anywhere, and yet Japan is really clean.
    There are vending machines everywhere, and they sell things ranging from beer to hot food.
    You walk and drive on the left side.
    Streets going left to right are super narrow and streets going north to south are super big.
    Jaywalking is a lot less common. People will literally stand there and wait until the light turns green even if there are no cars coming.
    Fruits are very expensive.
    People are so polite here that they make Canadians look rude.
    People leave plastic bottles filled with water in front of their doorsteps and alleyways. I wasn’t sure why so I looked it up online and it is supposedly to ward off stray cats(?)
    The elderly makes up a significant percentage of Japan’s population. But they’re really nice and friendly! They’re like the loving and adorable grandparents you always wish you had.
    Green tea Kit Kat is the bomb. Seriously, I’m bringing a couple(a lot) back. If you’re interested, I will be selling them at a marked up price.
    Collecting ten 1 yen coins is equivalent to collecting 7 dragon balls.
    You pay the bus fare when you get off, not when you get on.
    Going to an onsen (hot spring bath) is an interesting experience…
    Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, One Direction, Frozen, Tangled, Big Hero 6, and Twilight are universal.
    You can randomly walk in town and come up to a building that was built 1000 years ago.
    Everything and everyone here is super kawaii.

    Arigato Gozaimasu!
    Thank you for reading.

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