Week 1: In which we discover the delights of Hanoi’s street food…

… and the true value of the VND

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A basic ode to street food:

I profess my professor said to not

Eat ice, or fruit, or anything not hot

But with price so low and a wallet thin

How could I resist a lime with Phố Tình?


With pointed gestures and smiles I try

To communicate with shopkeepers even as they lie

To foreigners like me who don’t speak Vietnamese:

‘That will be 90,000 VND, please.’


I’ve tried Bánh Mì, Chè and Bánh cuốn

And there’s even more food I want ‘fore I’m gone

With only five short weeks left, how the time will fly

Soon I will miss you, Vietnam, tạm biệt , goodbye



Hẹn gặp lại!



Chao, Hanoi!

Chao, everybody, and welcome to my first blog post for Princeton’s Global Seminar in Hanoi! My name is Vanessa and I’m a sophomore (excuse me, a rising junior) at Princeton University.

This is somewhat belated, since I’ve already been in Hanoi for exactly a week and a day now, but for my part, I’m going to be blogging on my experience in Hanoi for all of you to see on this website.

Follow me to see the transition from gross airport food…


to being united with friends…


to having our first dinner together as a class and so much more during our time in Hanoi!


Shout-out to Princeton and the Office of International Programmes for making all of this possible, and I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with you!